Saturday, 20 May 2017

Basketball: What it is and what it means to me?

A game that I love!

I am so sorry for disappearing for so long. Been busy for studies these few months, and now finally free for a while till I go for my internship. Well its an exciting thing for me, its at GUSHCLOUD Malaysia. Its a marketing firm for those who do not know. 

Okay, lets get on with it. A brief history on how I first started got in touch with basketball. At the age of 6, entering primary school, my dad took me for a tour of my soon to be primary school before the year started. Well, I was six, who would know how to enjoy the scenery back then. And I was hyper active(naughty) back then. HAHAHA as soon as I entered the compound, I saw a ball, a BASKETBALL! So guess what?! I pick it up and bounced it!!! Funnily, I bounced it too hard, and on the first bounced the ball came back up and hit my mouth. I threw the ball away and sworn to myself not to ever touch basketball again :P HAHAHAHA then somehow in that period of primary school i represented for the school and was good enough to go for tryouts for ZONE.

Then, secondary school, I still remember the first time I touched basketball at my high school. I forgot which day it was, I went to the court with 1 friend whom I just knew. There were 2 "seniors" (Form 2) playing there. I asked whether I could join them........ they answered me, "Nah, we dont let form 1s play, you guys are not good enough." I was like shocked. I mean who would reject such a cute boy XD. Then this cute boy turn into some cocky bastard HAHAHA I said " I could win you both alone" Well ego got challenged, so they quickly accepted it, the challenge I mean. Oh and of course the LOSE after that. Yeah thats how my career in secondary school started. I met plenty of awesome friends through basketball. And I really like hanging out with them. I ended up representing the school for 4 years.

Moving on, Uni. Well I have been in UTAR for quite a long while. And I am still representing it. Never really committed to it before, cause there was no regular training and such. Long story short, the uni team is the team that taught me a lot on basketball and ways to improve and gave me the most exposure.

Meanwhile, in between those periods, I joined some of the public competition with teams from around my area, mainly Kinrara and Serdang they also taught me alot. And it was fun playing with and against them.

My Experience 

Through this journey, of just basketball alone, I was in loads of stages. Right now, if I could, I would apologise to those that I have hurt through my words, but my intentions are always good. I was cocky thinking I was the best and no one could take me. Well I am not, I have loads to learn and I regretted I never really seek for advice when I could. I really wish I could have a mentor a sifu who can really guide me through phases.

Basketball is a game of 5. I have learn to fully depend on my team mate. And build a friendship among them even if its momentary. I have never had a consistent team. I am like a lost boy joining people here and there for competitions. I could never have team chemistry even if i want to. But I do enjoy the temporary sense of friendship build to win a competition tho. I concentrate alot on my personal skills.

I have been training alone for basketball. Analyzing everything about basketball, about myself and put them into a way that is advantageous for me to play. I trained alot, more of playing alot. It is like a form of releasing stress for me I guess. 

Unfortunately, I have once deciding to stop basketball for my knee. Well, over the years, basketball has been a mean bitch to my knees. HAHAHA not only that, I also decrease my basketball activities for all sorts of reason. Girl, laziness, you name it. HAHAHA of course I have also use this to impress girls also la. So I guess its fair?

At the age of 24, playing with a broken arm, 2 failing knees, I would say that I have learned a lot through this sport that I love, and would continue doing it. 

Sorry if its short and messy, just a sudden feeling to write about basketball :P 

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